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Education for Adults

The GAI offers a variety of language courses to meet students' goals and expectations. The G100-G600 language courses are built around an immersion-style curriculum to allow students to reach a solid intermediate proficiency (B1 level) in six semesters. 

Beyond that the GAI offers a variety of advanced courses.  Fall and spring semester classes build speaking, reading, writing, listening comprehension, and grammar skills, while conversation classes focus primarily on oral communication.

Throughout the year we will offer shorter session courses including Literature, Conversation, Grammar, and more special topics of interest.   

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN   Spring Spezial 2017 - a series of short classes & special topics

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN  Summer Classes 2017 - classes start mid July and run for 4-6 weeks

Our classes are located at 301 Summit Avenue in Saint Paul in both the main Haus and in the carriage house. There is plenty of parking available for students in our parking lot, as well as on Summit Avenue and Farrington Street.

Please contact Language Services or call 651-222-2979 for more information or to register

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